Workshops & Talks

We offer hands-on workshops and talks to educational institutions as well as public and private organisations. Our main aim with this offering is spreading the word of innovation and communicating our experiences and knowledge in the process.


P&P Workshop Series

We have also created our own series of workshops, taught at the Poppins & Partners Headquarters, which are designed exlusively with the needs of entrepreneurs and freelancers in mind. Our workshops include Accounting & Finances For Beginners, Pitch Deck Building, Grant Writing, The Basics of Negotiations, How to Start an Online Shop, and more. 


Since 2016 we've taught Innovation at the School of Web Development (Vefskólinn) at the Technical College Reykjavik. During the course, students learn the basic concepts of entrepreneurship using the Lean Business Canvas tool as well as tools created by Poppins & Partners.