Happy Clients

Poppins & Partners have played a key-role as consultants for the funding of the development of digital signatures at Taktikal. We are the only Icelandic software company in Iceland specializing in digital signatures so it is of the utmost importance to have a strong partner that understands our needs. Thorunn and Hanna have an extensive experience in their fields and have exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Poppins & Partners to those that need services related to the funding of innovative projects.
— Valur Thor Gunnarsson, Founder & CEO of Taktikal

I've worked with Poppins & Partners on numerous occasions and I have always been very impressed by their professionalism and comprehensive understanding of business. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

— Haukur Gudjonsson, Founder Bungalo.is

When I find myself in an entrepreneurial pickle I know that they can dissect the situation and lay out the problem so that it is more clear and allows me to be better tackle it. They are also extremely likable and easy to work with.

— Kari Thor Runarsson, Founder & CEO, Authenteq

Brilliant coaches and mentors in everything a business needs to succeed. Very professional and efficient. Not only do I recommend them, I hope to work with them in the future for continued success.

— Audur Inga Konradsdottir, Founder, Heilsukokkur

I was thrilled to see the result from our work together both on a professional and educational level. What I appreciate the most about working with P&P is their ability to put themselves in my shoes and help me navigate the next steps.

— Jon Bragi Gislason,
Founder & CEO, Ghostlamp

My go to people when it comes to business strategy and planning, business development, any kind of financial planning, grant applications and a variety of other business related tasks. A wealth of knowledge and experience and fantastic customer service to boot.
— Thoranna Kristin Jonsdottir, Marketing Untangled

P&P are very professional and easy to work with. I give them my best recommendations.

— Helgi Pjetur, CEO Alfreð

The wonderful individuals that make up P&P have helped me tremendously in the past, with everything from finding manufacturers to applying for grants. They are determined, creative thinking and very understanding.

— Ragnheidur Osp, Founder & Head Designer at Umemi

Brilliant grant writers, Poppins & Partners are extremely professional, disciplined and easy to work with.

— Fridrik Gudjonsson, Founder & CEO, Feed the Viking

Fast, purposeful and good service with professional insight. Highly recommended.

— María Jónasdóttir,
Co-founder Stykkishólmur Slowly

Poppins & Partners helped us focus our goals and gave us valuable tools to communicate and a strategy to follow in the following months and years while building of a improv-community and a platform for the comedians of the future.
— Improv Iceland