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The P&P Grant Writing services are personalised to each client and project, depending on the project status and the grant in question.

Prices and price structures vary depending on the project scope. We give fixed quotes or bill by the hour, depending on the scope and budget of the applicant. When billing by the hour, we always give a time estimate, let you know if we foresee having to put more hours into the project, but strive to stay on budget.

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Brilliant grant writers, Poppins & Partners are extremely professional, disciplined and easy to work with.
— Fridrik Gudjonsson, Founder & CEO of Feed the Viking

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Did you know that companies based in Iceland can get up to 20% of the R&D costs refunded in the form of a tax deduction? Even if the business isn’t turning a profit yet, it can still be eligible for this benefit.

The P&P Tax Deduction Services include:

  • Writing the tax deduction applications with you.

  • Reminding you of the yearly renewal deadline and making sure you submit the renewal in time.

  • Providing you with guidelines on how to track the R&D spending related to the project (for tax and accounting purposes).

  • Helping you with the yearly tax deduction statement, in collaboration with your accountant/book keeper

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  • A 45 minute phonecall to learn about the idea and your goals.

  • A grant strategy, i.e. which grants to apply for, for which tasks, and when.

  • Reminders of grant deadlines over a 12-month period.

Price: ISK 25.500 +VAT

Already secured a Technology Development Fund but are struggling with the reporting? Not sure how to track your spending and keep track of the milestones and deliverables? Stressed about forgetting to submit the reports in time?

The P&P all-in-one TDF Reporting Package includes:

  • Reminding you of upcoming reporting deadlines well in advance.

  • Providing you with templates to keep track of project spends and tasks.

  • Reviewing the report before submitting.

  • Making sure you submit the report in due time.

Prices vary depending on type of report. We always give a time estimate and strive to stay on budget.

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  • An evaluation and review of the application documents for the Technology Development Fund, i.e. the Project Description, Spreadsheet, Project Plan & Budget, and Electronic Application.

  • A step-by-step iteration strategy

Price: ISK 57.500 +VAT

The wonderful individuals that make up P&P have helped me tremendously in the past, with everything from finding manufacturers to applying for grants. They are determined, creative thinking and very understanding.
— Ragnheidur Osp, Founder & Head Designer of Umemi

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