10 Common Grant Writing Mistakes + 11 Best Practices for Grant Writing

Last year we published 10 Common Grant Writing Mistakes in Icelandic. We thought it was time to update it and since we were at it we translated it to English so that more people from the P&P Community would be able to take advantage of this free resource.

As we move further into the month of May we are getting ready (and excited!) to start writing the grant applications for the next Technology Development Fund deadline, which falls on September 16th this time. If you’re thinking about applying you should really start the process sooner than later as the Summer tends to finish as quickly as it starts and before you know it, it will be mid-August with only a month to write a competitive grant proposal.

We encourage you to read the 10 Common Grant Writing Mistakes +11 Best Practices before you get started. You can also download a free TDF Checklist that we work with when writing with our clients. We are planning on updating the checklist before the next deadline and will use the opportunity to translate it to English. If you want to receive a copy of the checklist, sign up for the P&P Community below and we’ll make sure it lands in your inbox once it’s ready.

If you applied for a grant from the Technology Development Fund in February you should get the results within a month or so. The fund traditionally announces in the beginning of June.