We've Updated the P&P Grant Calendar 2019

As promised we have updated the 2019 P&P Grant Calendar. This year’s edition has over 120 grant and accelerator opportunities for innovation, education, design, art & culture.

Please note that we publish this with the caveat that some deadlines may change, so we urge you to look at the calendar and make sure to check the grant websites well in advance to make sure you don’t miss a deadline because of changes on behalf of the fund. We take no responsibility for missed deadlines.

As the grant names and descriptions are in Icelandic you may run into trouble when opening it up as the Icelandic characters may not display correctly. This could to be related to the settings of your calendar client as the characters display correctly on our end. If you are unable to configure the settings to display the information correctly, do drop us a line and we’ll try to figure this out with you.

If you need any help with writing your grant application(s), you know where to find us. We’ve helped several companies secure their funding via grants, both in Iceland and abroad.

Happy grant writing!

The P&P Team