10 Tips on What to Keep in Mind When Fundraising

Are you looking for funding for your startup or project? Do you find it difficult to figure out what type of funding (or investor) is right for you? When is the best time to take on investors? Is crowdfunding the right way to go?

How to get funding for your startup is the million dollar question (literally). Last October, we hosted a conference on the topic - Get Funded (i. Fáðu fjármagn) - where we heard from business angels, VC’s, entrepreneurs and a crowdfunding platform founder. We’ve gathered the 10 highlights from the great minds that spoke at the conference and bundled it into yet another freebie for you.

We are also open to hearing from the P&P Community on what they’ve done in the past to get funding or as investors when funding startups. Drop us a line at info@poppinsandpartners.com to share your tips and tricks.

The P&P Team