Marketing Activities in Tech Development Fund Applications

The next deadline for the Tech Development Fund is coming up at lighting speed and those that are applying should be well on their way with the application if they're going to get a competitive proposal together in time. 

As you may have noticed, the TDF has made major changes with regards to accepted marketing activities and costs in their guidelines for all types of grants. 

Sproti & Vöxtur

The new guidelines state that the costs for marketing activities can be up to 10% of the total project budget. The older guidelines had a cap on this, but they have now been removed. Please note though that the accepted marketing activities remain unchanged and are detailed in chapter 2.6 of the TDF Guidelines.

Marketing Grant

This is the big change that anyone who's applying for the Marketing Grant needs to be aware of. The updated guidelines now only allow for activities that entail establishing marketing infrastructure (i. uppbygging markaðsinniviða) and feasibility studies and NOT for marketing campaigns, advertising etc. The accepted activities include market analysis, writing business and marketing plans, the design of a logo, branding, and promotional material, participation in conferences and exhibitions, and sales and marketing consultancy from third parties. See more on page 10 in the TDF Guidelines.

We have updated the TDF check-list in accordance with the new guidelines. The fund has also added a check-list to the electronic application that you must go through to be able to submit the application. Hit the button below and follow the instructions to get your copy.