The P&P Grant Calendar 2019 is Out!

It’s that time of year again. The Technology Development Fund has published their list of grant receivers for the second batch of 2018, giving ISK 350 million to 21 lucky startups. A total of around 9% of the applicants for the second deadline of the year received grants, but overall around 14% of those who applied in 2018 got through. As competition increases, the success rate decreases, meaning that even very well prepared proposals aren’t making it through the very strict selection process.

This time around we participated in 23% of the projects that got funding, so we are extremely satisfied with the results. But the feeling is a bitter-sweet as many of our clients did not get the grant they applied for, and that is always disappointing. Now we wait for the expert reviews to come back so that we can evaluate and start planning the updating of the applications that didn’t make the list. Speaking of which, have you seen the “How to read an expert review” freebie that we published earlier in 2018? If not, get it here at no cost at all.

Now, a few weeks ago we started working on the P&P Grant Calendar - 2019 edition and have so far pulled together over 120 grant opportunities for projects in innovation, design, education, art & culture. And because we are feeling extra happy these days we are going to give it away. For free. That’s right. You will need to give us your email address, but that’s only so that we can send you the calendar file. If you don’t tick the “email” box to receive further communication we will not send you any (except for one or two updates of the calendar once the rest of the 2019 deadlines are made public).

Want to Get the Most Out of Your Expert Review?

For those of you who didn’t receive the grant that was going to save your payroll for the next 12-24 months we wrote some advice on how to handle such situations last Spring. Read it while drinking a cup of chamomile tea and listening to Snatam Kaur. Seriously. Just breathe. Everything will be okay. You should be receiving the expert review in the next couple of days. It may be confusing and overwhelming, but that’s why we wrote the cheat sheet to reading the TDF expert review. If you still feel overwhelmed and hopeless, maybe we can help.

We’ve created a TDF Evaluation Package (in English or Icelandic) where, for the price of ISK 39,500 + VAT, you’ll get a complete iteration strategy and step-by-step guide on where to invest your time with the highest ROI and not waste time on things that don’t matter.

The TDF Evaluation Package will get you:

  1. An evaluation of the Expert Review (A review of the review - let's call it an interpretation)

  2. A step-by-step iteration strategy

  3. An evaluation and review of the application documents (Project Description, Spreadsheet, and Electronic Application) - we’ll return them with comments and suggestions