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Innovation & Startup Consulting

We help teams bridge the knowledge gap during early and mid-stages of their ventures with an emphasis on strategy, planning, and financing of innovative projects. Between us we have raised around $3.4 million in grants.


Our Services

We’ve worked on a range of different innovative projects with our clients, from grant writing to pitch deck building to strategy and beyond.  Our clients range from startups to enterprise from various industries, e.g. software & service companies, to designers & artists, to municipalities & public/private institutions.

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Partner Network

With our extensive partner network and our combined expertise, we bring in the know-how and networks that are missing from our client’s team with the aim of helping them grow and scale their venture. Our partners include negotiation experts, tax lawyers, marketing & social media gurus, product development strategists, and graphic designers.

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Workshops & Talks

We offer workshops & talks covering topics like innovation, grant writing, business finance & accounting, fundraising, and negotiations. 

We have also created our own series of workshops, designed exlusively with the needs of entrepreneurs and freelancers in mind. 

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Professional Services

We’ve worked on innovative projects with  clients from all areas of the creative industries  


Among clients:


Our Practice

Founded by Hanna Kristin and Thorunn, Poppins & Partners is dedicated to helping you succeed in your business.


The wonderful individuals that make up P&P have helped me tremendously in the past, with everything from finding manufacturers to applying for grants. They are determined, creative thinking and very understanding.

— Ragnheidur Osp, Founder & Head Designer at Umemi